To add a feed of pages to a page (newsfeed, list of products, articles, etc), Select "Pages" tab.

1. Choose the pages you want to appear in your feed

Select the pages you want by using tags, as "blog" for example.

Click on pencil icon.

Click on the Settings button.

Select "Tags" in the menu.

Type the name of the tag and click on "Save".

Go back to your Pages dashboard.

2. Create a feed of pages

Select the page where you want to add the feed and click on pencil icon.

Click on the "Content" button.

Click on the "+" sign.

The content menu appears below. Click on the "Feed" button.

Click in the dropdown list button.

Select "feed from your pages".

Select the brand where you have the pages you want in your feed.

Type the name of the tags and click on "enter". The tag will appear below.

Choose the options you want and type the text that will appear to open your pages.

You have a preview of the pages in your feed.
If you don't see any pages, check that you've created tags on your pages, and that your pages are "Public" (and not unlisted).

When you're done, click on "Add".

Then you can choose the design for your feed in the Design menu.
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